Sports and leisure


What in addition to the sun and sea, which can be enjoyed an the area of the Costa Blanca, is the golf. If you want to play golf the whole year round there are more than 250 golf clubs in Spain, which on about 16 golf courses on the Costa Blanca, mostly 18 holes - some have 36 holes and the Golf Club at Mar Menor, Murcia has 54 holes. Together, all the golf courses offer more than half a million playing hours per year.
Average temperatures of 18 degrees in the winter in the south of Spain and around 20 degrees in the summer in the north make it possible to play in shirtsleeves when the rest of Europe lies under a thick layer of snow. All this makes Spain a leader where golf is concerned. The names of legendary players/course designers such as Robert Trent Jones, Jack Niklaus, Severiano Ballesteros and José Maria Olazábal are linked to a number of the best Spanish courses.


Of course sport is not restricted to golf. Spain has also earned a top place in the world of tennis. Champions do not achieve much by luck alone, their success is partly due to the tennis courts and tennis schools they have been able to use. Even if visitors are not experienced professionals they will find plenty of facilities to enjoy a game of tennis.
There are many tennis clubs throughout the Costa Blanca with gravel or grass courts where visitors can play. Any self-respecting hotel will have one or more courts where guests can play during the day and evening. Lessons can be arranged at most courts or you can train using a ball machine. Many clubs organise programmes for visitors with competitions at various levels. To play tennis in Spain all you need is a sporting attitude and a pair of tennis shoes.


Spain has more than 4000 kilometres of coastline. A natural peninsular, Spain is surrounded by the sea on three sides, or, to be more accurate, by three seas; the Mediterranean, which is the warmest, the Atlantic Ocean, which is the vastest, and the Cantabrian Sea, which is the roughest. There is yet another sea in Spain, called the inland sea. This consists of navigable rivers, natural lakes and reservoirs. The 4000 kilometre coastline has from time immemorial offered countless moorings in safe harbours. There are more than one hundred yacht clubs and as many harbours. Most of these are situated on the Mediterranean where the climate is very good for sailing. It is a unique experience to hoist a spinnaker at 15 knots and skim over the waves in a yacht.

Winter sport.
There are more than thirty winter sport centres in Spain. From the Picos de Europa on the borders of Asturia, to Cantabria and León in the Sierra Nevada. At the foot of these mountains lies Granada with the Alhambra palace, an exquisite example of Arabian architecture in Spain. There are extensive skiing areas in the Pyrenees, covering part of Aragón and Catalonia and also on the high tops of the Sistema Central in Madrid or at Segovia and the mountain ridges of Galicia and La Roja. Spanish ski resorts have all the elements for an unforgettable winter sports holiday with all its various facets. Click hier for a list of the Spanish ski resorts.

Mountain biking.

Recently mountain biking has become very popular amongst climbers. In Spain there are virtually no restrictions on this sport. All roads are suitable, all routes have free access and all interesting areas are reachable. It does not matter in which area or mountain range you are, the entire country is open for mountain bikes. So you can enjoy the nature in a land with a lovely climate and varied landscape. Especially this sport is very common both professional training and free time on our coasts of the Costa Blanca.


From the clear Mediterranean of our Costa Blanca to the deep Atlantic Ocean, there lies a beautiful underwater world at the bottom of the sea. Divers have discovered a true paradise here that stretches from the rocky Costa Brava via the Balearics to Almeria. There are many shipwrecks and a few places worthy of a special mention are: Albarán on the coast of Almeria, the Medes Islands in Catalonia, the bays of the Balearic Islands and the Canaries. Different ocean floors that all have living nature below the sea’s surface. Generally no special equipment is needed for diving because there is normally enough light to a reasonable depth. In the Mediterranean the temperature is such that it is not necessary to wear a wet suit. This sea is perfect for all types of water sports.