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On these pages we offer you more information about Spain, in general about living in Spain, in particular:

Under this heading you will find a piece of history and some facts about Spain. For example, did you know that Spain officially belonged to the European Union from 1986?

The Costa Blanca
Information about our Coast. The Costa Blanca is known for its positive effects on health. Select Estates has properties for sale on various Costa's in Spain.

Attention is paid here The travel and transportation in Spain. Here you will find information about the road network, airports, buses and trains.

Research has shown that life in the Costa Blanca is very good for your health. Here you will find more information about why the Costa Blanca is good for your health and what you can do yourself to maintain it.

We read about the Mediterranean weather in Spain (and the Costa Blanca). But what does this mean? Under this heading you will find information about the Mediterranean weather.

Recreation In Spain, on this page you will find information about sports and other recreational possibilities in Spain. (what about major events)